Branding, go90, 2016

go90 is a social entertainment platform built for the mobile-first generation. It provides access to live and on demand videos, wrapped in a social experience. The content on go90 includes live events, prime-time TV, best-of-the-web and original series across comedy, music, gaming, lifestyle, sports, news and entertainment.

I designed a proposal for an update to the go90 branding. It is based on the widescreen format of the phone screen. When you turn your phone, you enter the world of go90 and you can watch all kinds of entertainment.

The branding for go90 contains a lot of bright colors and ‘widescreen’ size rectangles.

Illustrations feature the rectangles made into various entertainment illustrations.

‘Entertainment on the go’, is the message of banner ads. You can do anything and take your favorite stars with you.

Banner ads in the city, where the ‘widescreen’ rectangle is scattered around a location and is seemingly taking over the space.