Jeroen Sikma
Art Director/Graphic Designer, New York

Various, Terrain Type Library, 2017

Various, Verizon, 2016

Branding, go90, 2016

Mobile, Nike+, 2016

Branding, Astor Place, 2015

Branding, Base Hillel, 2015

Branding, The Plaza at Santa Monica, 2015

Book, Gramsci Monument, 2015

Poster Series, Brown Institute For Media Innovation, 2014

Poster, 2000+: The Urgencies of Architectural Theory, 2014

Identity, House Housing: An Untimely History of Architecture and Real Estate, 2014

Branding, Contemporary Showroom, 2010

Branding, Schwandt Infographics, 2008

Website,, 2008